A 2020 Election Conversation

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Today’s Question:

We may not have all the results from the election yet, but we do have some thoughts on where things seem to be headed. How will this impact the market? And your portfolio?

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Confidence Corner

Like you, we had hoped to have election results within a day or two of voting. At the time of this recording, we are two days out without a clear winner. We still have plenty to discuss though, from how the market is doing to what splitting political power can mean for our future.

While the market typically performs poorly when there is uncertainty, how has the market been doing since the election? If the House and the Senate are split, there is typically more balance, which is what the market is reacting to. While we don’t know the president yet and that can cause uncertainty for us, the market can depend on the controlling factors in the House and the Senate.

Remember the 2000 election? Even then, 20 years ago, people were upset on both sides, but we got through it. How is this time similar or different? How long might this go on?

In all of this, try to remain calm. (Maybe even turn off the news if you need to!) While this might take some patience, try not to make any rash decisions when it comes to your finances. Reach out to a financial advisor to help you keep to the plan that works for you.

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[0:37] – We had planned to talk about the election this week.

[2:22] – The House and Senate will likely be split.

[3:47] – When does the market do best politically speaking?

[5:07] – We might have more balance when the power is split.

[6:27] – Two days past the election, how is the market doing?

[9:20] – How does this compare to the 2000 election? 

[12:18] – Try to stay calm.


A Point Of Wisdom:

I don’t have to hate someone just because they’re not the political party that I’d vote for.

-Nathan O’Bryant



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