Decision-Making Roadblocks in Financial Planning

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No matter how hard we try to stay on top of our finances, we’re sure to come across roadblocks that interfere with our decision-making process. Does this sound familiar? Let’s talk about the common scenarios we see in retirement planning and how you can deal with them. 

Confidence Corner

Planning for retirement is already difficult enough without any interference, but it’s even tougher when roadblocks get in the way.

Knowing what to look at for and then understanding ways to navigate those roadblocks will help your planning as well as your peace of mind. On this episode of The Financial Answer, Nathan and Marc run through the most common roadblocks they see and share ways to deal with each one.

Having a professional planner on your side can be a great assistance for the times that things aren’t always going smoothly. Even with all of the information available to you online, it helps to have someone that can provide some context and help you sort through the misinformation. Hopefully this podcast will do some of that for you.

Along with roadblocks, we’ll also discuss the recent rise of small cap stocks. Is this a trend that will likely continue? Should you make changes to add them to your portfolio?

That’s all part of this episode, which you can hear above or click on the timestamps below to hear more about a particular law of investing.

[0:58] – In the news: What’s going on with small cap stocks?

[2:50] – How to check your mutual fund to see what investment style it uses.

[3:55] – Should you be making changes to your portfolio?

[5:10] – Confidence Corner: Decision-making roadblocks.

[6:00] – Roadblock: too many decisions to make.

[8:31] – Roadblock: Doing research yourself can overwhelm you in a hurry.

[10:14] – You need someone that can hold your feet to the fire.

[12:19] – Experience is the main educator that we have.

[14:22] – Roadblock: You just don’t like talking about money.  

[16:58] – Roadblock: Traumatic life events.

[20:18] – Fun fact of the week.


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