Industry Insights Amidst Coronavirus

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Today’s Question:

Coronavirus has brought on a lot of changes and that impact has stretched across many industries. On this episode we discuss some of the industries hardest hit from an economic standpoint and speculate on the future.

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Confidence Corner

We’re going to chat about some different research from economic data from across the world. What are analysts seeing from different sectors of our economy? What does Nathan think?

Car sales are hitting drastic lows. Different companies are struggling when it comes to stocks and some of them have had to pivot to producing things like respirators. What does Nathan think this means for the future of companies like Ford or Tesla?

In banking there have been more changes from a digital perspective. While there’s more talk about using digital currency, consider what would happen if your identity got stolen. Do you have cash accessible? That said, even with the banks being shut down, being able to have mobile banking from your phone or laptop has been so convenient, especially during coronavirus.

Between the low mortgage rates and the continued construction projects, what is happening when it comes to building? How does this reflect across the industries that are being built in these projects? How is your portfolio being balanced across these industries?

Although oil and gas prices are down, the travel industry is still down due to coronavirus. Once the PPP ends, layoffs for certain travel companies are expected to hit this fall. It’s hard to know what all of the long-term impacts will be.

A lot of these industries are down, but so far, the market continues to move up. How is this the case? What does this indicate?

Listen to the full episode or click on the timestamps below to skip ahead to hear more about a specific industry.

[0:39] – Nathan shares the latest in his life.

[3:53] – What are analysts saying about different economic sectors?

[4:39] – What is happening in the automotive world?

[7:07] – We don’t know the future.

[8:54] – What changes are being made in banking?

[12:45] – What’s happening in the construction and homebuilding sector?

[16:11] – Oil and gas prices have been dropping.

[20:13] – What does this indicate for the market?


A Point Of Wisdom:

We can’t see the future so don’t try to speculate and gamble on a few individual stocks because of what’s happening with the economy because you just don’t know.

-Nathan O’Bryant



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