Planning The Ultimate Road Trip: Your Retirement

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Believe it or not, planning for retirement is a bit like going on a road trip. Are you ready to rock out to some tunes and hit the road? Or are you stuck in the planning process or facing roadblocks? Find out how you can plan the best route possible on your way to retirement.


Confidence Corner

Grab some snacks and fill up the tank–we’re going on a road trip! But instead of taking a trip to the mountains or to heading somewhere to see some fall foliage, we’re on the road to retirement. So, how do we get there?

Think about when you travel–you have to start by deciding where you want to go. You don’t just suddenly arrive, but you choose a direction and prepare for what you’ll be doing once you get there. The same is true in retirement.

Like with any road trip, you may take detours or experience roadblocks, but map out the route that gets you to your final destination. Consider how much risk you’re willing to take and how much risk you need to take to get where you’re going in retirement.

Ask, who are you listening to along the way? And is your cruise control on when it shouldn’t be? You may have to make adjustments to keep on track, but ultimately, you can plan and enjoy the trip (or retirement) of your dreams.

[4:54] – Decide where you want to go. What do you want retirement to look like? 

[7:09] – How do you get there?

[9:36] – What happens if your plans fail? 

[10:47] – What are you listening to along the way? What are your sources of information?

[14:30] – When is it time to turn off the cruise control on your way to retirement?


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