Reading the Financial Fine Print

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Today’s Question:

Do you read the fine print when it comes to investments and financial decisions? On today’s podcast we talk through key areas that people tend to overlook and are in for a surprise later on.

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Confidence Corner

Have you ever skipped over the fine print? A lot of times we skip through to the end and agree to the terms and conditions just to move on. What financial fine print do you need to be extra aware of? Whether you skipped over it or no one explained it as they should’ve, we will discuss some financial decisions that can come back to shock you if you don’t read the fine print.

Surprised by a rate increase on long-term care insurance? These are more common, just like health insurance goes up every year. Instead of every year, this might go up every three to five years. Understanding the fine print will save you from the surprises later on.

If you get an annuity, are you aware of the fees? What does the investment cost? The fees and internal expenses add up. Variable annuities are often one that catches people off-guard whereas a fixed annuity doesn’t really have fees.

Did you look at a mutual fund before investing and see positive performance only for it to tank once you got in? We tend to look at past performance, but that can’t always predict the future.

When it comes to life insurance, depending on your coverage, you might be taken aback by the cost at a certain point in life. Do you know how your policy works? Should you buy a whole life policy?

Finally, what is the financial fine print on a REIT? If you buy a REIT directly, it’s not liquid. There are a lot of investments out there that will not allow you to get money back when you want it or need it. Ask if there is a penalty or fee with any investment you make. Financial advisors should be able to guide you through these decisions and help give you realistic expectations.

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[2:46] – Rate increase on long-term care insurance.

[5:05] – Do you know what your annuity entails?

[7:57] – Mutual funds that tanked.

[9:47] – Life insurance got expensive after 65.

[12:21] – REITs aren’t liquid?



A Point Of Wisdom:

“Past performance is not indicative of future results.

-Nathan O’Bryant



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