Retirement Planning and Halloween

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For our final Halloween-themed podcast of 2019 will look at the parallels between the holiday and financial planning. Things like costumes, being scared, and superstitions can all be tied into our retirement plan and that’s exactly what we’ll do on this episode.


Confidence Corner

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think about Halloween? Costumes? Scaring people?

The one thing that doesn’t come to mind is financial planning, but we’re going to change that on this episode of The Financial Answer podcast. We’re taking the Halloween experiences and applying them to investing and financial planning. What part of the retirement plan scares Nathan? What about superstitions and emotions when it comes to investing?

These are a couple of the parallels we’ll make on the show, and we’ll also find out more about Nathan’s experiences on Halloween.

Check out this frightful episode and click on the timestamps below to skip around to different topics. 

[1:53] – We’re wrapping up our final Halloween edition with a show on lessons we can take away from the holiday.

[2:17] – What’s the best costume Nathan ever wore?

[3:11] – The first Halloween concept: When something appears to be something that it isn’t.

[4:28] – Does anything scare Nathan on Halloween?

[6:41] – When it comes to financial planning, what scares you?

[8:48] – Is Nathan or his wife superstitious about anything?

[10:06] – Is there anything you see people doing illogically with their money?


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