Understanding Values-Based Planning

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Today’s Question:

Do your values align with your financial plan? What are your values in retirement? If you those questions are important, you’ll want to hear this episode. 

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Confidence Corner

What are your goals? Why does the money matter? Everyone has different motivators and needs, so what does it look like to create a values-based plan? On today’s episode of the Financial Answer podcast, Nathan shares how your values can impact your financial plan.

Family is top of the list for some. What does that look like? For some, it might mean saving and then in retirement having the money and flexibility to travel to see the kids and grandkids. Or, maybe it means spending a lot of time with your spouse. Do you want to leave as much money as possible for your family?

The way you invest may be a big part of your values. Whether this is faith-based in investments or while living out certain lifestyles during retirement. Maybe it means investing in places that most align with your values. How could an advisor help make this happen?

Is education a priority for you? Some retirees choose to continue education in some form during retirement. Others want to set aside money for kids, grandkids, or other family members to go to college.

Ultimately, what do you want to see accomplished with your retirement or with your legacy? Whether it’s focused on family, faith, or simply having fun, it’s important to define your goals. The why of each of these are why you save. It isn’t all about a dollar amount but the reason why behind your goal.

A big part of retirement planning and financial planning is about figuring out what you want to do. What’s most important to you? Does your plan reflect that?

Listen to the entire episode or click on the timestamps below to hear more about a particular value.

[0:38] – Nathan says everything is awesome.

[1:43] – What is values-based planning?

[2:22] – For many people, family is what matters most.

[4:55] – How is your faith reflected in how you invest? 

[11:02] – Is education a part of your legacy?

[13:29] – What really matters to you?


A Point Of Wisdom:

Values-based planning: These are your goals, this is what we talk about with clients. This is the reason that money is important to you.

-Nathan O’Bryant



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