Unhealthy Foods and Financial Health

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Today’s Question:

What do donuts and lemonade have to do with your financial plan? Besides being delicious, these tasty treats remind us what you need to keep an eye on when it comes to your financial health.

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Confidence Corner

What can unhealthy foods teach us about your financial health? On today’s episode of The Financial Answer podcast, we talk through the biggest culprits when it comes to unhealthy foods and how they parallel with unhealthy financial plans.

When it comes to the financial world, what are the empty calories you’re consuming? Do you have an empty financial plan, dozens of pages long but without any real meaning and plan behind it? Instead, Nathan creates a one or two-page plan for clients that really simplify it down to the action steps you need to take to implement it. What are your values and how do those play a part in your financial plan?  

You wouldn’t believe all the added sugar we consume every day! From juice to granola bars and everything in between, sugar is hidden in all sorts of food we think are healthy. What’s hidden in the financial world? Fees can be tucked away and often go unnoticed all over the place. It’s important to know what kind of fees you’re paying and what you’re really getting for that fee. Beyond the advisor fee, you’re paying fees inside your annuities and mutual funds that you might not realize.

Trans fat is incredibly tasting when it comes in the form of cakes and donuts, but what kind of risk are you subjecting yourself and your health to? As you get closer to retirement, you have to be careful about risk in your portfolio. It might be fun and enjoyable when it’s working in your favor, but that risk can hurt you if you’re over exposed. If something goes awry, will that risk mess up your financial plan?

Having an advisor can keep you on track, allowing for balance and understanding about what’s actually in your plan and why. Reach out to Nathan O’Bryant and his team if you want to get a plan that works for you and your financial health.

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[1:40] Who doesn’t love junk food?

[2:17] – What are the empty calories of your financial plan?

[6:42] – Hidden fees is like hidden sugar.

[10:58] – Trans fat is in everything that tastes good, but what’s the risk?


A Point Of Wisdom:

Does it mess up your financial and retirement plan? If it does, then you’ve got too much risk. That’s what we’re here for–that’s what financial advisors are here for.

-Nathan O’Bryant



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